ISB Marketing

Message from the CEO

​“Marketing & IT”

Our world is changing rapidly. While the headlines may be filled with stories of food shortages, competition for natural resources, ethnic conflicts, and natural and human disasters, there are also reports of exciting discoveries and innovations that offer solutions to these problems.

Technological developments such as the Internet, smartphones and AI are enriching our lives and making the world feel more interconnected than ever.

We believe that the combination of technological advancement, human ingenuity and wisdom will continue to move us forward, and that the importance of these will only grow over time.

At ISB Marketing, our mission is to contribute to the development of industry and society, through our excellent marketing capabilities.

We express gratitude for the wisdom and courage of our predecessors who have contributed to Japan's growth. Our mission is to give back to society by sharing this valuable knowledge with individuals and companies, supporting the marketing activities of various organizations that harness technology in Japan and abroad, ultimately fostering the development of a sustainable society.

We aim to move forward in earnest, using Marketing and IT, for a better future.

Shoko Maki

CEO’s Profile

​Shoko Maki worked for several years at Hitachi, Ltd. and then at Softbank Media & Marketing Corp. before founding ISB Marketing, Ltd.
External activities: Japan Marketing Academy, Facilitators Association of Japan