ISB Marketing

Our Strengths

Our strength is our extensive experience in the B2B and the tech sectors, from content creation to marketing advice

1. High-Quality One-Stop Marketing Service, from Planning to Operation and Maintenance

We can provide total marketing support for your business, from strategy planning to operation and maintenance, in order to help you achieve your Japan business goals while meeting your customers’ needs as well.

We are not a run-of-the-mill Market Research company. With our knowledge of the tech B2B sector and Digital Content Marketing, we’ll work with you until we find the most successful solutions to your marketing needs and problems.

We offer two approaches:

  • 1. Custom Marketing Strategy: We handle all the consulting and planning for a tailored marketing strategy, leaving the execution in your capable hands.
  • 2. Dedicated Team Collaboration: We dispatch a representative from our team to work at your company, who will collaborate with you in implementing, operating and maintaining the campaign we’ve set up.

The latter approach is best for companies without dedicated marketing departments or those unable to hire or assign additional marketing staff.
Trust us: we have a wealth of experience with both approaches, and we are confident that both can yield successful results. Feel free to talk with us about your situation, needs, and goals.

2. Efficient and Flexible Team Structure and Diverse Partnership

For flexibility, efficiency and speed, we assign you with the right team to match your project’s size, characteristics, and budget.. Additionally, we cultivate strategic alliances with partners who excel in their respective domains.
At ISB Marketing, we place importance on collaboration to help you get the most out of services. This includes actively engaging in joint content creation with our partner network in content marketing, and collaborating with overseas business matching organizations. Through diverse partnerships, we aim to solve your issues and drive innovation.

3. Considerable Experience and Know-How

Listen to our customers: they remark on our skillful

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Product promotion
  • Sales channels
  • Experience with Information Technology, including IoT companies and tech-sector B2B
  • Solid Proposals, Brilliant Performance, Thorough Follow-up
  • Useful Background Knowledge in our Field.
  • Our customers find it particularly reassuring that they can talk freely about their products, even in technical detail, with a marketing specialist:

    We are NOT a Run-of-the-Mill Marketing Company!