ISB Marketing

Our Management Philosophy

Our Company Name and Logo

The meaning behind “ISB” and our logo:
ISB stands for Internet, Strategic Business, and Marketing.
Our logo was designed by Yoko Kadokawa, an illustrator whose designs have appeared in many media, virtual as well as old-school: books, websites, advertisements, magazines, and mobile ads. This logo was inspired by our company name itself, based on the concept of “connecting”: companies and customers, people and information, products and people.
The letter “S”, by its shape and placement in the center of the logo, symbolizes the tools used to connect these people and things. We strive to serve as that “connector”.

Management Philosophy


Our mission is to contribute the development of industry and society through excellent marketing. Our team uses its skills, versatility and talent to fulfill that mission, and provide high-quality marketing services to our customers. We aim to help businesses solve problems.

Furthermore, by fulfilling this mission and helping businesses solve their problems, we aim to fulfill our social responsibility of continually providing high-quality, customized marketing services which will increase happiness for all parties involved. We also strive to earn the trust of our customers.


​Our vision is to persistently deliver high-quality marketing services that address the challenges of our customers, companies, and society, ultimately contributing to the well-being and happiness of people.


​The values that we believe in are "Gratitude, Innovation, and Passion”. “Gratitude” means we appreciate everyone round us and show our appreciation toward them. “Innovation” means never losing the ability to think, learn and act spontaneously. And "Passion", for us, is the attitude with which we engage the challenges presented to us. Motivation, perseverance, and good faith are shared by our team members, and we see that keeping these values will help us achieve our mission and realize our vision.
Toward that end, we have 7 Action Guidelines:

  • |1|To be fully committed
    We are fully committed to our tasks no matter how small they are.
  • |2|To please people
    When meeting people, we always think about how we can please them.
  • |3| To walk the talk
    We carry out all duties and tasks with a deep sense of responsibility.
  • |4|To share knowledge
    We share ideas and useful proposals freely and openly.
  • |5|Self-improvement
    We vow to keep our curiosity and desire to learn alive. If something new attracts our attention, we give it a try.
  • |6|To cooperate
    We always communicate actively with each other while working.
  • |7|To embrace change
    Our philosophy is to welcome change with open minds, embracing the future.