ISB Marketing


About Our Services

Q.  Do we need to have a marketing department to use your services?

A.  No. Many of our customers are companies without dedicated marketing departments.

Q.  Can we ask you to give training and educational workshops to our marketing team?

A.  We can provide a lecture to educate the job where they can immediately apply the principles and techniques we teach to their own real-life job situation(s).

Q.  We’re not in Tokyo [Japan]. Do you accept clients from overseas and outside the capital?

A.  Yes. We’ve worked with many companies outside of Tokyo and overseas. This can involve online meetings and/or a combination of both in-person and online.

Q.  We want to build a website. Which part can you take charge of?

A.  We might not be your best option if you only require coding or server hosting services.
We regard website construction as a thorough project with a series of 4 phases ; planning, design, construction, and operation. For these purposes, we ask our clients to conduct a survey to find out what problems currently exist, so that we can identify what kind of contents to suggest to help you solve them. We also have a wealth of experience when it comes to giving advice on digital content creation.

Q.   How much do your services cost?

A.  We will provide you with an estimate based on your request and the amount of work that it requires.

Q.  At what stage of the service will I be required to make a payment?

A.  Meetings and consultations are free. We kindly request payment in full after you officially place your order for our services.

Q.  We have a set budget. Is the price negotiable?

A.  We are open to discuss alterations to our proposal, based on your budget.

About Business Partners

Q.  Are you looking for business partners?

A.  Yes. We are always looking for new business partners who meet our clients' needs . If you are interested in working with us, please contact us through the Contact Form below.