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About ISB Marketing

Q.  What are the key strengths of ISB Marketing?

A.  Our key strengths lie in our extensive experience in the BtoB and technology industries in the Japanese market, coupled with our unique ability to strategize and execute content and sales improvement measures from a 'customer perspective'. We believe this gives us a distinct advantage that sets us apart as a marketing company.

Q.  How are you different from other consulting firms?

A.  While other consulting firms typically offer management guidance and advice, ISB Marketing goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive solutions to marketing challenges, including content creation, website management, and research. We offer personalized support to identify and implement optimal measures in collaboration with our clients.

About Our Services

Q.  We’re not in Tokyo [Japan]. Do you accept clients from overseas and outside the capital?

A.  Yes, we work with many companies outside of Tokyo and overseas. Our services can be conducted through online meetings, in-person meetings, or a combination of both. For more details, please refer to our portfolio section.

Q.  What kind of companies use ISB Marketing's services?

A.  Our services cater to a diverse range of companies, from dynamic start-ups to established enterprises with over 1,000 employees. For specific examples of our work, you can explore our portfolio.

Q.   What industries do you specialize in, and are there any industries you do not support?

A.  We excel in supporting BtoB companies in the IT, manufacturing, and engineering industries with their own products and technologies. However, there is no limit to the type of industries that we can support. For more details, please refer to our portfolio section.

Q.  Do we need to have a marketing department to use your services?

A.  No, many of our customers are companies without marketing departments.

Q.   What is "Content Marketing," a service of ISB Marketing?

A.  "Content Marketing" is a strategic marketing technique that involves providing and disseminating valuable information to engage prospective customers, nurture brand affinity, and ultimately drive them to make a purchase decision.

Q.   What is ISB Marketing's "Marketing Advice" service?

A.  The "Marketing Advice" service is designed to offer personalized advice and strategic planning support for your marketing challenges, leveraging ISB Marketing's extensive knowledge and experience. We provide ongoing support through meetings, tailored to your specific needs in terms of format and frequency. Online meetings are also available for added convenience.

Q.   Can we ask you to give training and educational workshops to our marketing team?

A.  Absolutely! At ISB Marketing, we believe in fostering human resources through on-the-job training and collaborative projects. Additionally, we offer customized marketing training based on your specific needs. With our extensive experience in marketing training, we ensure your team gains valuable insights and skills.

Q.   Is it possible to provide marketing support to foreign companies or foreign-affiliated companies?

A.  Yes, we can. We have experience in supporting global websites and managing public relations activities for U.S. companies in the Japanese market. For more details, please refer to our portfolio section.

Q.   We want to build a website. Which part can you take charge of?

A.  If you’re only looking for coding or server hosting services, we might not be your best fit. At ISB Marketing, we approach website creation as a comprehensive project with a series of 4 phases: planning, design, construction, and operation.We begin by conducting surveys to identify existing problems and suggest suitable content to address them effectively. Additionally, we also have extensive experience in providing advice on digital content creation.

Q.   How much do your services cost?

A.  We will provide you with an estimate based on your request and the amount of work that it requires.

Q.   At what stage of the service will I be required to make a payment?

A.  Meetings and consultations are free. We kindly request payment in full after you officially place your order for our services.

Q.   We have a set budget. Is the price negotiable?

A.  We are open to discuss alterations to our proposal based on your budget.

About Business Partners

Q.  Are you looking for business partners?

A.  Yes, we are always looking for new business partners who meet our clients' needs. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us through the Contact Form below.