ISB Marketing

Marketing Training

Service Outline

We understand that educational training for employees is essential for improving business’s bottom line.
We offer Marketing and Communication training services(workshops) to help your employees understand the principles of marketing better, to give all employees a common base to discuss and implement marketing activities, and to improve both intraoffice communications as well as the company’s bottom line.

Let us help you if

  • You want your employees to learn more about Marketing
  • You want to develop and grow employees who can specialize in Marketing

What ISB Marketing Can Do for Your Business

We have a roster of seminars, workshops and courses, all designed to improve marketing and communication skills, all in line with this motto: “Developing problem-solving skills.”
Our staff will consult with you and decide which training proposals are right for you. Below is a partial list of what we can offer:

  • ・Introduction to Marketing Course
  • ・Contents Marketing Course
  • ・Problem-Solving Workshop
  • ・Branding Seminar
  • ・Proposal Writing Seminar