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Smartphones and social media have revolutionized the way information is dispensed and used. Whereas information sharing used to be dominated by companies, now that customers and users are able to receive information of interest and value when and how they choose, companies are paying much more attention to the “Customer Experience (CX)”, and how to reach their intended target audiences.

Defined simply, content marketing is a marketing strategy which utilizes content. CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE (CMI) in the US defined it as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Marketing has arisen in this new age of digital marketing, and engaging a content marketing strategy offers many advantages:

  • ・CM creates more opportunities to catch the attention of potential customers, and direct them to learn more about your products and services. How? By providing attractive content which offers solutions to potential customers’ problems, and by continually updating the content to promote a sense of two-way engagement between providers and users/consumers, CM improves customer satisfaction and helps build a fan base.
  • ・Compared with advertisements, which are only uploaded or offered for a limited time and do not change, a CM strategy which involves creating your own content offers the chance for continuous updating, renewing, and replacing content. This constant stream of information about your services and products ultimately broadens your chances to reach, inform and engage with potential users and customers.

Let us help you if

  • You want to generate leads
  • You want to attract customers more effectively
  • You want to enhance customer satisfaction

What ISB Marketing Can Do for Your Business

We will support you during your content creation process. Content includes owned media such as company web pages and blogs, articles, white papers, interviews with customers to be included in case studies, infographics, and more.