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Business Columns

Our Business Column Services

A business column serves as a commentary article, offering essential business tips and insights for customers.
Incorporating business columns into your content marketing strategy can significantly engage your audience and boost your brand’s presence.

Advantages of business columns include:
・Captivating prospective customers and creating a sense of urgency by presenting trends and cutting-edge case studies relevant to your products and services.
・Enhancing credibility by disseminating specialized information.
・Crafting highly original and captivating content.

Our approach involves creating easy-to-understand, high-quality explanatory articles through expert interviews within your industry or niche.

Let us help if you want to

  • Increase
    product awareness
  • Produce content that
    generates lead acquisition
  • Publish articles explaining
    industry trends, etc.

What ISB Marketing Can Do for Your Business

・We can assist you in planning, expert coordination, conducting interviews, and producing your business column.
・We offer suggestions for theme selection.
・We can also produce an interview-style column between your company and an expert.

Customer Feedback

From a Leading Maker Company

ISB helped us by creating an article that introduces and explains our products. The content is highly specialized, yet easy to understand and highly valuable reading. It has become one of the most popular pieces of content on our website.

From an IT Company

Our business column page now appears at the top of search results, attracting more inquiries from prospective customers. The content produced by ISB Marketing is Incredibly valuable.

Work Flow

Online interviewing Option

We can offer the convenience of online interviews through web conferencing, reducing travel time and logistical burdends. Regardless of your location, we can also conduct interviews with clients in Japan and overseas.