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Writing News Releases

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Press releases are still a relevant PR tool in Japan. As official documents which a company releases to the media, announcing the launch of new products or services, they represent the essence of any PR message.

The trick is having them reach the target audience. Even in 2021, companies in Japan send out press releases alongside their SNS and digital updates and releases.

Let us help you if

  • You want to write a news release
  • You want the media to report on products or services
  • You want to increase the visibility of new products or services

What ISB Marketing Can Do for Your Business

Our team of professional writers will create custom-made, eye-catching press releases that showcase your products and services accurately and attractively. Of course, we can help distribute them to the media on your behalf.
We will work with you beforehand, collecting information and discussing your business, business culture and goals, to strategically construct a suitable story message for the launch of your products and services. We will follow up with further analysis-based strategies for selecting the appropriate venues an dmedia for your target audiences.