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The advent of website analytic tools such as Google Analytics allows companies to collect data on visits and visitors to their own websites. However, merely collecting data hardly suffices; without analyzing it and using it, all that data is just wasted cloud space.

Analysis of this data can bring many benefits, not least is understanding the current patterns of usage for your website. This knowledge forms the basis for improving the website, its traffic and use.

Best results are achieved through a combination of Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Analysis..
The former enables us to grasp the current situation based on numerical data: number of visitors, where they are from, which pages they viewed and in which order. The results of such analysis help locate weaknesses and problems in the site.

Qualitative Analysis provides information that cannot be expressed numerically; when conducting website analysis for marketing research purposes, Heuristic Analysis is ideal. This involves experts evaluating the usability and operability of the site from the user’s perspective.

Let us help you if

  • You want to identify and fix problems in advance of a website renewal
  • You want a fuller understanding of data from Google Analytics

What ISB Marketing Can Do for Your Business

We analyze your website using both Access Analysis and Heuristic Analysis. For our Heuristic Analysis, we analyze your website objectively and subjectively, from a user’s point of view. From there, based on our analysis, we advise you on why, where and how you might improve your website.

Our Achievements

Effective analysis of service websites for public service corporations

Effective analysis of corporate websites designed for the IT service industry