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Discovering New Customer Needs: How market research led to the development of a new social infrastructure service

Research and Analysis

Discovering New Customer Needs: How market research led to the development of a new social infrastructure service


Case Study: Market Research

Walnut Ltd. was established in 1993 and is engaged in the business of diagnostic survey services for civil engineering structures and the development of measuring instruments.
Through market research, the need for a new service was identified, and any concerns relating to the new service were addressed. In addition, new potential applications for the product were discovered.

Customer’s Wants and Needs

The client wanted to launch a new service utilizing AI and robots, and develop a product that would meet market needs.
The company lacked in-house marketing knowledge and was concerned about conducting its own market research.

Our Solutions

We conducted marketing research, holding a series of meetings to discuss the most appropriate research methods and questions.
In designing questions, we eliminated jargon as much as possible and replaced it with simple phrases, and carefully selected questions based on requests from actual field researchers.


New applications for the new service were discovered and utilized in product development. The results were shared within the company, and were used as a reference for other proposals.

“By understanding the needs for the new service, we were able to resolve the concerns we had before the development. In addition, we discovered that there was potential to use the product in facilities and locations we had not envisioned. This has been of tremendous benefit to us in broadening our operations.”

Walnut received advice from ISB Marketing to conduct market research, which included developing a list of recipients and conducting a pilot test of the survey.

ISB Marketing’s advice on survey methodology and question design was very accurate and thorough. We didn’t know much about marketing, so they were very helpful. They were also very flexible in terms of the implementation period and overall schedule.

Walnut strives to make a positive contribution to society by using non-destructive testing to detect deterioration and prevent disasters.