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Content Creation for Products and Services | Internet Service Company

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Content Creation for Products and Services | Internet Service Company

Customer Profile

Internet Service Company

Customer’s Goal

・Showcase the features of their services to potential customers
・Enhance existing web pages

The company, which offers SaaS-type services for BtoE (Business to Employee, referring to services provided to a company’s employees), faced difficulties with their internally developed service introduction page. The previous page made it difficult to understand the features of the company’s services and provision flow, failing to showcase their services. The company wanted to revamp the page to boost the number of potential customers, and to make content showcasing its advantages over rival services easier to understand.

What We Did

・Conducted an in-depth interview with the client to understand the services, content, and flow.
・Engaged in discussions with the client to identify issues with the existing page, uncover appealing aspects, and define the primary target audience.
・Produced a comprehensive service page by creating illustrations and informative text that visually communicate the service’s features and flow effectively.
・Developed the website from the reader’s perspective by incorporating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addressing potential queries and optimizing the service flowchart for improved readability.


・Successfully acquired 1.6 times more potential customers compared to the previous year.
・Increased product visibility
・Leveraged the product as an effective sales tool