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Comprehensive Marketing Support

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Comprehensive Marketing Support

Customer Profile

Manufacturer of Electrical Devices

Customer’s Goals

・Brand building; increasing brand awareness and visibility.
・Determine effectiveness of current promotional activities at brand building.

What We Did

Our team regularly visited the customer, monitoring their meetings on branding. We offered them much advice on decision-making and PR strategizing.

・Together we produced a Marketing Plan for the current year.

・We facilitated brainstorming sessions on ideas to increase brand visibility.

・We established KGI/KPI for measuring the impact and effectiveness of their current advertisements.

・We suggested ways to support the efforts of and increase the motivation of the company’s sales partners; e.g., exhibitions, conferences, PR campaigns, and more.


We introduced the customer’s employees to a common vocabulary of metrics for evaluating effectiveness. Thus, they improved their internal decision-making, and were quickly able to identify and offer ways for their sales partners and teams to increase brand awareness. As a result, sales increased 25% compared with the previous year.