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New product launch featured in major media leading to increased recognition in the IoT industry!

Public Relations

New product launch featured in major media leading to increased recognition in the IoT industry!


Case Study: Public Relations

eForce Co., Ltd., a prominent software manufacturer, specializes in developing and selling real-time operating systems (RTOS) for embedded systems. Joining forces with JSL Technology Co., Ltd., a renowned software development company, they embarked on creating a pioneering software solution for industrial Ethernet equipment development.

Customer’s Wants and Needs

The collaboration sought to garner industry-wide recognition for their innovative product. However, they faced two significant hurdles:
・ Limited visibility in the crowded tech market.
・ A lack of specialized human resources and expertise in effective marketing and public relations.

Our Solutions

Recognizing the challenges, we offered support with a comprehensive plan:
・ Crafted a compelling news release highlighting the unique selling points of the joint product, tailored to capture industry attention.
・ Devised and executed a series of dynamic sales promotion strategies, including impactful launch campaigns and engaging online seminars.


The collaboration with ISB Marketing led to remarkable achievements:
・ Significant media coverage: The product was featured in leading economic newspapers and industry-specific media, achieving sought-after industry recognition.
・ Successful promotional events: The launch campaign and online seminars meticulously planned by ISB Marketing drew considerable interest, leading to the acquisition of new projects and partnerships.

“ISB Marketing’s advice on effective wording for the reader was greatly beneficial. They showed a deep understanding of technical terminologies as well. Despite a tight schedule, their support was prompt and thorough.” – Mr. Yosoi, CEO, eForce Co., Ltd.

“The response to our campaign exceeded expectations. We conducted five online seminars post-release, with each session attracting over 50 attendees. This was a significant achievement for us.” stated Mr. Goto, CEO of JSL Technology, Inc.

Both companies highly rated our news release creation and distribution service and expressed their eagerness to continue using these actively in the future.