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Through interviews and surveys with your customers, we gather valuable insights into why they chose to use your services and the outcomes they achieved. We then transform these findings into compelling case studies.

Case study writing has several advantages:

  • ・Eliminates customer anxieties: By highlighting how other companies have benefited from a product or service, case studies alleviate any concerns customers may have and enable them to envision their own potential benefits.
  • ・Generates positive word of mouth: Endorsements from trusted companies featured in case studies contribute to spreading positive word of mouth about your business.
  • ・Amplifies real customer voices: Case studies provide a platform for genuine customer testimonials, allowing their voices to be heard and lending credibility to your services.

At ISB Marketing, we believe that case study writing is particularly crucial for B2B businesses. Understanding how certain kinds of products and services work can be challenging for customers. By detailing real customer experiences, case studies effectively communicate the practical merits of your services and products, motivating potential customers to take profitable actions.

Let us help you if

  • You want to create
    a story showing how much
    your products and services
    have helped your clients
  • You want to request
    an interview as well as
    a script
  • You want to hear
    what your customers really think

What ISB marketing Can Do For Your Business

Crafting compelling case study content demands not only the skill to summarize what you want to say, but also the ability to pose questions, actively listen, and formulate proposals during customer interviews.
We are professionals when it comes to writing case studies for BtoB businesses. In particular, we have a lot of experience in dealing with complicated services which need technical knowledge such as professional IT services. We will meet any of your needs from arranging interviews and assigning writers to directing interviews and managing the time-schedule in one stop.
Given our marketing background, we highly appreciate content that resonates with the “customer’s point of view” and leaves lasting impact.

Customer Review

IT Company

Previously, we outsourced case study writing, but there was a gap between what came back and the standard which we wanted to meet, and we had to make modifications each time. This was of course troublesome for us, but we had been unwilling to improve the situation for a long time. Since we started outsourcing to ISB Marketing we haven't looked back. ISB Marketing is speedy and detailed in their approach. Plus, they also pointed out some strengths to our business that we hadn't even noticed before. We really appreciate what they did for us.

Maker Company

ISB Marketing understands our products and the background of the market, so we can depend on them without any anxiety. They are also good at creating a positive atmosphere. We think it is important to hear the real customer voices, and ISB Marketing helps us to do just that.

Work Flow

Explore Our Case Study Writing

Below are just some of the case studies that ISB Marketing has created. Our wide-ranging clientele includes global IT powerhouses, prominent manufacturing enterprises, pioneering start-ups, and more. Please click the images below to learn more about our expertise in translating intricate concepts into relatable content from the perspective of customers.

Interview Videos

Interview video production is a service dedicated to capturing case study interviews and producing videos.

Benefits of Interview Video Production
・By complementing textual case studies with videos, your content gains enhanced appeal and resonance.
・Incorporating your products, operations, and accomplishments into the interview videos adds a concrete dimension to your message.

By seamlessly integrating written case studies with video production, we streamline the process of creating compelling case study content. Our experts can guide you through coordinating interviews and video shoots on the same day for maximum efficiency.

Work Flow(descriptions are omitted in English website)

Explore Our Interview Videos

Take a closer look at some of our carefully impactful case studies, enriched with video interviews.. Click on the images below to see our innovative approach:

Online interviewing Option

We can offer the convenience of online interviews through web conferencing, reducing travel time and logistical burdends. Regardless of your location, we can also conduct interviews with clients in Japan and overseas.